The Vensica Solution

Vensica is leveraging the known properties of ultrasound (increased tissue permeability and improved uptake of drugs) and is developing a platform that leverages therapeutic ultrasound to effectively deliver drugs  into the bladder wall.

Vensica is currently focuses on the delivery of Botox to the bladder for the treatment of overactive bladder, a field with great unmet need. 

Our Solution —

  • Simplifies treatment: Direct visualization of the bladder wall is not required.
  • Reduces costs: The simple procedure can be performed in an office setting; does not require OR setting
  • Involves minimal pain and no anesthesia.  
  • Generates revenue: The urologist can attend to other procedures in the office, while the PA administers Botox with our solution.
  • Reduces risk; increases patient satisfaction: The needle-free procedure eliminates potential risks associated with injections.