The Need:

Overactive bladder oral medications fail in >80% of patients due to adverse side effects and medium efficacy. Next line of treatments are invasive, including cystoscope and needle injections, or surgery to implant neurostimulators.

Vensica proprietary solution includes a premium botulinum toxin A and a minimally invasive, needle-free delivery system. Vensica’s procedures is very simple and quick both for the urologist and the patient. No needles, no anesthesia, and no cystoscopy required.

The Market:

Overactive bladder: There are about 2 Million patients in the U.S. who failed oral meds and do not have a proper treatment alternative. This mirrors a market opportunity of about $1 Billion annualy.

Bladder cancer: there are about 3 million catheter chemotherapy washes annually in the U.S. alone, mirroring a market opportunity of $1 Billion annualy.